Saturday, 7 November 2009

Briefing for Kluang District Excellent Teachers (ET)

Date: 5th November 2009
Time: 2.15p.m
Venue: SMK Taman Kluang Barat

Tn Hj Jalil Satari from PPD Kluang conducted a briefing for all excellent teachers (ETs) on the need to focus on the upcoming SPM examination. He presented data on the SPM Trial Exam for the state and the district. Kluang is placed 6th out of 10 districts with a GPS of 6.35. He also wants excellent teachers to oversee 4 programmes:

1. The setting up of a task force based on subjects. The task force will be concerned with: analysis of subjects, teaching and learning consolidation programmes for teachers, creation of curriculum standards for subjects (e.g. students' work), expert help from District Panels and Programme for 2010.

2. Subject Teacher's Immersion- MGC Kluang to identify the teachers, modus operandi, schedulling etc.)

3. Innovation- action research, teaching and learning innovations, teaching modules and KMKK (Kumpulan Meningkatkan Mutu Kerja). The PPD is planning to have an Action Research Seminar for Excellent Teachers (ET) in 2010. And finally...

4. ETs' teaching and learning should be a model to others e.g.s teacher's profile, record book, delivery and student's work and marking.

Sounds a mouthful, doesn't it? Well, certainly not for the faint-hearted..good luck ETs!!

If some people have their way, they would want me to blog like this (robot-like) from now on- a joke- get it? :)


  1. salam... hi..
    what a wonderful english teaching blog..very informative for me.. thanx!

  2. Hello teacher^^ If your blog is fulled of this kind of posts, it sounds a bit mundane because students are not very keen to read.

  3. hi michelle, won't appeal so much to students eh? well, i understand. see what i can do during the hols k..time factor michelle..hope ur doing well

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