Friday, 20 November 2009

Holidays finally!

Getting rid of clutter and throwing what you don't need anymore can be very therapeutic! The satisfaction of chucking old notes, handouts etc was all mine and this was what happened on the last day of school. When your table is cleared of clutter and those drawers are clean, you feel really good. I'm so looking forward to this holidays although I have to be in KL twice- the first being this Sunday for the National Convention for Excellent Teachers and the second for the Literature course. Let's see what I've got planned:
  • mum's medication
  • reading all my books ( three by my beside so far)
  • climbing up Gunung Lambak in a bid to lose some (?) weight
  • completing that book that has been stalled for a while...
  • dad's tahlil on the 25th
  • reading the Quran and its translation
  • fasting every Mon and Thurs
  • scheme of work for my classes next year
  • module for the new iterature component
  • updating and filing
  • action research for 2010
  • spring cleaning
  • gardening (weeding rather :)
  • cookery course in jb
  • weddings
  • tea with some close friends
Hope I can do them all :)


  1. So, Rahmah, how many, out of the listed activities have you managed to achieve? Cooking lessons in JB?

  2. hehe good question. 50%? the course in jb will have to wait dear..many weddings to attend!!


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