Saturday, 14 November 2009

Lunch Date with Madam Tan

Date: 11th November 2009
Time: 2 p.m.
Venue: Secret Recipe, Kluang Mall

Today six heads of panels from Kluang schools had a farewell lunch for Madam Tan (my principal), the chairperson for the Kluang District English Panel. She is retiring in January 2010 so I won't bid her farewell yet as she will still be in school. I was very embarassed, to say the least, as Madam Tan and Mawarni were already there...haiz. I was caught in the traffic on the way to Kluang Mall. Although some panel heads could not make it at the last minute, we had a good lunch and the atmosphere was informal. I managed to get something for her the day before on behalf of the others but I struggled a bit with the fruit basket (not having the flair for basket decoration!- apologies madam). I hope she likes the multipurpose cooker! (Happy Cooking! - not easy to buy a suitable gift yaa..) Thanks to Nuha (who rushed all the way from Sri Lalang), Huda (all the way from Kahang Timur), Hjh Noraini, Mastura, Linda and dear Mawarni. That night Mastura text me to suggest that we should have such gatherings in future. What a great idea! Such gatherings will be good breathers for all of us!

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