Saturday, 21 November 2009

Quality Awards, PPD Kluang

Tn Hj Mat Kassim  from JPNJ- oficial representative of the state director

Tn Hj Shaharudin- Kluang PPD (4th from left)

Me after the ceremony

Winners Group Photo

Date: 21 Nov 2009
Venue: Main Hall, SK Chong Hwa 2

Today I received the Anugerah Khas Program Inovasi (Guru) for the Tuesday's Date with PS Programme. When I first mooted the idea to the panel, I was quietly thinking that if it were to win anything, I'd like everyone in the English panel to go up the stage to receive it as a group innovation. However, this was considered for the individual category and so I was all alone on stage. Still, I would like to share this award with all the members of my panel- Puran, Dr Rekha, Sarojini and Anand. Hey! We won guys!!

This has been quite a year for me- a mix of good and bad really but winning seven awards in a year is beyond my imagination!! Alhamdulillah. I don't know if this lucky streak will continue but suffice to say, I am thankful to everyone, especially my principal  Madam Tan Tong Yar for her support and encouragement. Without the support, it wouldn't have materialised.

It's that time of the year to take stock of things and to move forward.- to soak in the good and to leave out the not so good. Sometimes we need to embrace change in life to bring out the best in you. Moving to my present school was that big change and I have no regrets. I have always believed "Rezeki ada di mana-mana." Winning awards is just a bonus  after the hard work is done. At the end of the day, it is not the awards that matter, it is taking action and doing something for your students that matter. This is my third year in SMK Canossian Convent, Kluang and two promotions and seven awards later, I still can't believe my luck!

GC- Kecemerlangan Berterusan!


  1. congratulation Pn. Rahmah..

    A question for you,
    what if one day, someone offers you to become an english coach, what would you say?
    what i mean is to stop teaching, instead you will become a coach in seminar or etc..

  2. Pn Rahmah,
    I'm Rohaizat(5M3 1991 set 3). Congratulations!
    I'm just wondering, you don't age, do you?

  3. hi rohaizat. i'll take that as a complement :) what a pleasant surprise! 1991 eh? wow, a long time ago. wonder what you're doing now..thanks for rememebring your old teacher. it always feels great to hear from my ex-students!

  4. what a tough question rozaidi! i am already a coach in a way but if u mean working in a private sector, well, if the offer is good why not? :)

  5. Assalamualikum Pn Rahmah,

    I stumbled upon your site today.Smashing!I am very pleased to have met you and worked for/with you. That I must hold. Thank you very much. Kudos on your accomplishment. Congratulations on the countless awards. Will be promoting your site to the world!


  6. hi adli,
    welcome to my blog! it was a pleasure working with you too..just a simple blog to keep the mind active!! remember u were the one who taught me to use earlier to build a website? hope life's good. catch u in facebook k


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