Sunday, 1 November 2009

Time for that exercise...

This morning at 7a.m, I started for Gunung Lambak eco-resort which was about 7km away. Been postponing climbing up the mountain since Ramadhan!! No more excuses..but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn't pant! After months of no exercise, you would usually pant on your first climb but this morning's was great.I went up to the 10,000 metres mark and came down again, not wanting to overdo it. I ran all the way down to the parking lot. As long as I sweat and get rid of the toxins in the body, it is good enough for me. The boulders were slippery though and I nearly slipped at one point. Bought a papaya and some bananas from a woman who sold fruits at the foothills. Rain finally came to Kluang after many weeks of heat and humidity. It was a pleasant climb and yesterday's downpour definitely cooled the temperature. When I got home, I managed to (finally) re pot the three plants I bought in Ramadhan! Talk about procrastination...:) Anyway next trip up the mountain - tomorrow 5p.m.


  1. wah..
    bestnya dapat daki Gunung Lambak.
    bila la agaknya peluang yg akan dtg utk saya mendakinya lagi.

    sepanjang 5 tahun kat kluang, sekali saje dapat daki and sekali juga daki Gunung Berlumut.

  2. hehe rozaidi,
    you have to come to Kluang first..insyaAllah am going at 5.30pm afterwards if am not that tired :) am fasting today.

  3. I was a student in smsj and i still remember climbing gunung lambak. How i miss kluang...

  4. hi anonymous,
    you must come back then!


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