Thursday, 10 December 2009

All the best!

After two years of teaching this class, I have grown fond of them. I pray that they all do well in the SPM examinations and in their future too. I will miss them and their laughter. Hope they will remember Convent and will return even after their schooling years.

All the best to you girls: Thilaga (friendly lass), Qian Yi (I can hear you loud and clear hehe), Ivy (disciplined), Wan Fang (the professor), Pramila (adey! why your essays get shorter nearing the exam?), Jessica (good sense of humour), Yung Ling (the shy one), Sahidah ( the ELDSS secretary), Hafizah (blogger), Gayatiri (has a sweet smile), Roxzi (the cheerful one), Atikah (quiet at least in the English class), Sharon (smiles like Ashwarya Rai), Ling Sze Wei (attentive), Clara (always neat and disciplined with school work), Yee Ann @ fishball (big eyes!), Jia Yan (she made me proud during her public-speaking), Lih Ping (hardworking and likes to ask questions), Sea Wing (well-mannered), Xiao Ming (always cheerful), Sook Leaun (sometimes in another world hehe), Yuen Ting (attentive), Jia Qi (the tweety of the class!), Ng Zhi Wei (the philosopher), Sathiya (sometimes in her own world), Man Wah (the ' manja' one),  Shalini (very nice handwriting), Xin Lei (repectful towards teachers), Ker Wei (has many stories to tell), Wan Ying (hardworking gal), Leni (hmmm.. a business woman), Thiyva ( rather quiet), Adeline (my ever efficient monitor), Vicknewary (sometimes here, sometimes there), Vivian (Oh! those blue eyes!), She Yee (has a sweet smile), Shirley ( the funny one), Yung Lin (shy and mild-mannered), Fwee Ting (I love those journals!), Man Wah (the manja one!) and finally Xu Pei (the fashion-designer). I will miss you girls!


  1. Hi Pn Rahmah^^ Michelle here. Recently I'm kinda busy with my SAT preparation, so seldom online. Teacher, is this ur e-mail add Actually, I'm here to remind teacher about the recommendation letter. Xixi~

    I'll leave my e-mail:

    Happy holiday!!

  2. hi, yes that's my email. will try to get it done. pretty occupied at the moment. can u give me a deadline?

  3. Thank you teacher. How about 15 January 2010? So sorry to trouble teacher.

  4. teacher... y my name there dun have desciption 1 >.<... -man wah-

  5. hi man wah,
    very sorry i missed ur name hehe. i've added now ok. hope ur fine girl!

  6. salam, teacher! high standard my description- blogger..i'm feeling shy right now!
    however...looks like i've to put more best things in my blog..
    ha..maybe, u can describe another bout me..:-)

  7. well, hafizah,
    you are a blogger! Not everone has a blog ok :)


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