Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Back to the grrrindstone...

Salam and hi,
It's that time of the year again! The next school term is approaching and we teachers have to attend at least a few meetings this week I believe. Well, I had two today- teachers' meeting (8a.m.- 1p.m.)and then the PIBG meeting from 4-6p.m. Plenty was covered by Hajah Mahizan, the Senior Assistant, Dr Rekha (Student Affairs) and Mr Cheng (Co curricular). The PIBG meeting was to discuss the impending farewell do for Madam Tan. How time flies!! Back in 2007 when I first reported for duty, she was there to welcome me cheerfully in front of the office and made me feel really welcomed. And now she is leaving. I hope that we can organise a memorable farewell for her, something she will remember for a long long time. Well, we are without a principal at the moment, but I think Hajah Mahizan is more than ready to temporarily take the helm until the new principal arrives- everyone's probably curious as to who the next boss might be but if the pundits have got their bets right, it is someone from STK, a neighbouring school. Well, let's hope she will be as dynamic as Madam Tan!

2. It's also that time of the year to complete your scheme of work. I've done for two form 5 classes. Need to have a separate one this year as the classes are miles apart. One is good but the other rather weak. I'm concerned about this new girl who came in June from SSAJ, who can't write one correct sentence! The proficiency test I administered registered a score of 09! Good heavens..this is her TOV after nine years of studying English. She is a real challenge for me come next year. I am thinking of giving her a different set of materials altogether as she obviously will not be able to keep up with the rest. Anyway, I will think of something.

3. Why am I suddenly writing like Che Det (Dr Mahathir)? I suppose the numbers help you think clearly. Multi tasking doesn't help much eh -an action research, an innovation and the book (Yes! the dreaded book!)- a juggling act really. You know that writing can't be forced..and time is not always there and sometimes I'm just plain lazy..that's why it's taking me ages this time. Wish me luck on this one.

4. It was great chatting with Johan Arif @ Tapam tonight. He has definitely become a mature young man- brave to offer his views and not shy to argue. I hope he does well in his exams and the MUET exam he is worried about!

As you can decipher by now, my ramblings are somewhat disintegrated now. The signs of an exhausted mind-I better hit the sack. There's a meeting to catch tomorrow. Nite and salam!

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