Thursday, 31 December 2009

Hello teachers!

Happy new year! May the new year bring you happiness, health and prosperity!

Are you ready for the new school term? Some are probably shaking their heads, which is perfectly understandable :) I read somewhere that we teachers hardly read, which is a shame really. We must read our subject matter and of course anything else that interests you. Currently, I am reading on 'multiword expressions' as I'm doing something on it. Multitasking desribes what I'm doing perfectly at the moment- an action research for 2010, an innovation and an ICT program on multiwords. Sounds crazy isn't it? Well, I've got to admit that I have to be intelletually challenged (not that I am intelligent hehe) all the time. That's why the multitasking... And oh! the dreaded book which has been stalled for a while now. Thank God the editor has been very quiet ssshhh...) Well, writing can't be forced really and sometimes (most actually) am just plain laazzzy...

Well, to kickstart this new blog, I thought I will share some materials on classroom management since it seems appropriate to start with this topic as the new school term nears. These are links I find useful on classroom management. Happy reading teachers!

To understand your classroom management profile, why don't you take this online survey?
Your ClassroomManagement Profile

for 101 things you can do at the beginning of the new term, click
101 things you can do at the beginning of term

for classroom control measures, you can use the following tips:
classroom control measures

To understand how your students want to study English, click here:
How do my students want to learn English?

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