Thursday, 31 December 2009


’The light went out suddenly…”Continue the story.
Felicia Tang (5S1)

          The light went out suddenly. Aunt Marie’s villa was dark and quiet. I put my luggage at the sides and took out my torchlight. The electricity was cut off. The wind blew strongly outside and the rain was coming soon. “Aunt Marie, are you there?” I shouted as loud as I could so that even Aunt Marie was at the back garden could hear me. This huge villa looked dull and dirty. I should have called Aunt Marie before I came here for a short vacation. Now, I was alone here. The feeling of horror overwhelmed me.

          I was curious about this villa. “Something had happened in this villa,” my mind told me. Without wasting any times, I used my torchlight and checked out every corners in this house. This villa was so dirty. Spider webs filled up the corners of the wall and hence made it looked dusty. It seemed like no one lived here for a very long times. T he strong wind continued to blew outside the villa. It makes the wooden doors of each rooms opened and closed at intervals. Not only that, I noticed that every photographs that Aunt Marie took with her beloved son, David was tear into half. Immediately, I made a decision to call the police. There might be a robbery in this villa.

          Suddenly, I saw a man lying on the ground. He was motionless. With the aid of the torchlight, I saw clearly that there was blood all over his body. Oh my god! He was David! I felt terrified and scared. I took a deep breath and I noticed there were footprints all along David’s body until the staircase. Well, I was going up to the first floor to have a look.

           “Bang!” There was a sound coming from upstairs. I climbed up slowly so that I won’t made any noise. I checked out every single room and finally I stopped at the last room which was the master room. I held my breath and opened the door. Surprisingly, I saw Aunt Marie sitting on her rocking chair peacefully. I felt a sudden relieved because I was no longer alone here in this villa. Suddenly, Aunt Marie took out a knife with blood stripping down to the floor. “You will be the next one!” Aunt Marie shouted at me. My adrenaline level was high enough for me to hear my own heartbeat. I ran down quickly and hoping to ask for help. Now I suspected that Aunt Marie may be the one who killed her own son. Unfortunately, there was no reception in the area. Without wasting any time, I ran towards the public phone a mile away from the villa to call the police.

          After half an hour, the police arrived. I took them to the villa. Aunt Marie was still on her rocking chair mumbling to herself. She was sent to the hospital immediately. Some thing strange happened. David’s body was gone. There was no even a trace of blood there. All the footprints were gone. After several confirmation test, I was told that Aunt Marie was suffering from a disease called schizophrenia. She could not even remember that she had killed her own son. The villa was under police investigation.

          Where was David’s body? Why all the footprints disappeared in just a short period of time? Who wiped out all the blood stains on the floor? All these remained a mystery.

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