Thursday, 31 December 2009

Sad sad day...

Well, I have finally decided that I can't afford to have two blogs for the simple reason that I will not have the time!! Perhaps I was being over ambitious...Anyway, I messed up my blog this time round and lost a lot of data particularly the important links!! Waaaaaaaa (cry out loud) what have I done! However, I want to thank those who took part in the previous questionaires. Unfortunately the data is gone guys...vanished!! But please do answer the new questions. In time, this mess will be cleared and it will be business as usual!


  1. Sorry to hear about the missing links, hope it wouldn't dampen your spirit to keep on blogging. Happy New Year to you Kak Rahmah.

  2. hi fazleen. won't dampen my spirit. am too addicted hehe. but what a day! u know that it takes a lot of time to link back uhuhu. happy new year to you too k. take care


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