Saturday, 16 January 2010

Classroom Ideas: Teaching Adjectives

Yesterday during the single period in 5S1, I taught 'adjectives' by playing two interesting games that I learned from '700 Classroom Activities, David Seymour and Maria Popova (Macmillan). I purchased this book during the 2008 MICELT conference. As I had been teaching adjectives for the whole week, this was a wrap up lesson for reinforcement.
 The first game was called  'Someone who...'
  1. Tell ss you are going to read to them (listening in progress) some descriptions of people. I chose 18 out of 20 descriptions as the other two were not suitable.
  2. For each one, ss shout out the adjective that describes the person. T writes the adjectives on the board.
  3. Ss write the number and name of the person they know is like that.
  4. SS compare their list with partner.
The second game was 'People and Places':
  1.  Divide your class into Team A and B.
  2. T say out the nouns (e.g.s house, river, actress) . Group A shout out a positive adjective of the place and Group B shout out the negative adjective e.g. house- A- stylish  B- old
  3. Compare your descriptions.
Since this was a good class, I asked for three adjectives instead of one and extended the nouns outside 'People & Places'.
+ points: minimal preparation needed, reinforcement of adjectives learnt for the whole week.
Try it and share your experience.


  1. I found most of your articles to be really helpful since I also handle highschool English classes. Hope to read more tips and games:)
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  2. thanks micah. great to hear from you. will try to share more in future postings.

  3. Hi, Pn Rahmah! I'm Ho who is just attended your course in Pontian. I just want to thank you again for the informative course that you and your colleagues had brought to us. Although I'm a little bit quiet in the course but I'm really enjoy every moment in it. Thanks again!

  4. hi ho! nice to hear from you. am training in kluang now. wish us luck. i will upload photos from pontian asap!


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