Sunday, 3 January 2010

Literature Component 2010

Many have asked me about the literature component via sms and emails. As a GC, I see it as a responsibility  to disseminate information (of the non-confidential type) although this was met with some misunderstandings recently. There are many blogs I have come across writing on this topic though. As a matter of fact my first posting on the new literature component was AFTER the texts (book loan) had been published. It's amazing how people jump to conclusions without even giving the other party  the chance to explain things. Regardless of your position, education background, age etc. etc. keeping an open mind and having that sense of humour are important to be able to read a blog post and to decide whether you will laugh, cry or scream. For one who has been involved with confidential work for over 20 years, surely I would know where to draw the line. And who would have thought  my small blog would have been noticed :). Anyway, it will not dampen my spirit to continue sharing.

Many books on the new literature component are available in the market now and as a matter of fact,  they were already available when I first posted on this topic. However, the two that I like are Pelangi (pict below) and Setia Emas Publications. I co-wrote the Pelangi book and we tried to keep it as simple as possible as it's for lower secondary (promo in progress hehe).  For the poem 'A fighter's Lines, I actually spoke to Pak Marzuki Ali (the poet) himself!- an out of this world experience albeit a short conversation. I must thank Pak Marzuki for his insights and not forgetting Cahaya ( an ex-convent student whose godfather knows Pak Marzuki- that explains how I got in touch.

The Setia Emas book is rather detail- something you  may want to buy as a reference book rather than a workbook. My students would be discouraged by the notes. What I like is a book with just enough notes that I can expound on and plenty of exercises.

(Literature Component Forms 1-3, Pelangi Publications)
The River (Valerie Bloom)
Mr. Nobody (anonymous)
Short Stories
Flipping Fantastic (Jane Langford)
Graphic Novels (one for each zone)
I wonder (Jeannie Kirby)
Heir conditioning (M Shanmugalingham)
Short Stories
One is One and All Alone (Nicholas Fisk)
Rumplestiltkin (Angela Lanyon)
A Fighter's Lines (Marzuki Ali)
Leisure (William Henry Davies)
Novel- to be decided
In the Midst of Hardship (Latif Mohidin)
He had such Quiet Eyes (Bibsy Soenhardjo)
Short Stories
QWERTYUIOP (Vivien Alcock)
The Fruitcake Special (Frank Brennan)
Gulp and Gasp (John Townsend)
Nature (H.D. Carberry)
Are You Still Playing the Flute (Zurinah Hassan)
Novel - to be decided

If you are looking for web materials on the texts above, you will be disappointed especially the local texts. This is the problem with us Malaysians- we are good users but bad contributors! I mean you know how difficult it is to find information on local writers and authors and anything academic for that matter. We have yet to cultivate that culture of sharing and disseminating information. I appreciate the west- at how selfless many bloggers and webmasters are in sharing information with the public. Yes they do monetise but that's their right totally but we get the information we want. I thought with globalisation and all the jazz, information would be within reach but in reality we are far behind. However, if anyone has found good links , do share. The best thing to do at this point in time teachers, is to use the books available in the market if you want to at least get a sneak preview of the new texts you will be teaching.

Be sure to insert the new texts in your scheme of work for Forms 1 and 4. Happy Teaching!


  1. Hi Pn Rahmah,

    I have a question that was posted on my blog just recently...its about how the assessment will be carried out(yeah, i know its too soon to speak about the assessment part but since its important part of our education system, i think many of us are very curious about it)...

    Are you able to share with us on how the assessment will be carried out for the new lit component?Will it be the same as the previous ones?and any clue on how the drama questions will be?

    thanx in advance...and all da best for the new year!! =)

  2. hi SarahDin,
    thanks for dropping by. am afraid the question is a $64,000 (wonder why 64,000?) question and therefore you have to pay me that amount first to get an answer hehe. Am sorry but I can't answer that question for reasons you may well know. Hmmm but seriously, don't let the exam bother you too much. Teach well and your ss will be able to answer any exam questions! I went to your blog. Great blog keep it up. where do you teach btw? It's great to get widen my cirle of friendship :)

  3. to read ur blog pn rahmah..many things i can get from here..thanx for sharing..:)

  4. welcome nurulhaza,
    am glad it helps. i want to do more but there's just not enough time is there? will visit your blog soon as am in the midst of preparing my scheme of work ++..Happy New Year. Hope to bum into you some time :)

  5. Owh..gee..$64,000 huh? Unfortunately...i dun hv dat much..hehe... =P

    Nways, thanx very much for visiting my blog...I just startd still learning a whole LOT bout how to manage it...

    Owh..n I'm not teaching just yet...hehe...i just finishd my degree n still waiting to be posted...

    Wish me luck =)

  6. All the best to you SarahDin. Hope you get a school you like!

  7. Hi Pn Rahmah,

    Interesting blog you have here. Have added your blog link at for the benefits of other ESL teachers and students.

  8. hi TESL malaysia,
    thanks very much. will link to yours soon!

  9. Salam,

    The new syllabus for Form 1... I'm having problem finding any reference book here in Sabah, so the web is my only hope. Sure hope the books will come soon!

  10. salam kewayzey,
    i symphatise with you..i also hope you will get some reference books soon. many of us are privileged to teach in urban schools (and therefore have access to books) but sometimes we take it for granted yaa..all the best. thanks for visiting!

  11. Hi, just found this blog today while looking for materials for the new syllabus for literature component.

    I'm glad to have bumped into this and to discover such a passionate teacher in you. Thank you so much for your contribution! I am indeed blessed by your passion, generosity, wisdom....(and the list goes on). You are so rich!!! Thank you for sharing your "resources"!

  12. hi Derek and Bee chong,
    am glad you find my blog useful. welcome! thanks for visiting

  13. Pn Rahmah,
    Thanks to you, this blog is indeed an oasis. I will be here regularly as much I had enjoyed your companionship whilst my teaching days in Johor.

  14. hi eliza,
    i remember u! we trained u for mdtp didn't we? how are you and where are you teaching now? email me k

  15. a gstt teacher teaching english form4 n form 2.Imagine me with an engineering background having to teach literature to d form 4s!!! N im teaching in a good school where students already have good command in the english language. I have no problems teaching them english but literature??!!! It was really blurry at 1st n d school is expecting too much from sm1 who has no experience n training or such a boring a teacher :( ur blog actually has given me ideas n more confidence in teaching literature to my form 4 students.thx...but i still have a lot 2 learn;)

  16. hello anonymous,
    ur lucky to have such students. u can always surf the internet for ideas on how to teach literature. with such students u can do so much more to explore the text. all the best!

  17. hi!
    i'm an english teacher and i love your blog as it is soooo helpful.I'm a new teacher and your blog has helped me in so many ways. I'm looking for new Literature Scheme of Work for Form 1-5. Is that available anywhere? Please Help!!

  18. hi lisa,
    am glad u find my blog useful. there's no literature scheme of work per se. if you follow the curriculum specs (CS), it's incorporated in the same scheme of work. if u look at the cs, literature falls under the 'aesthetic domain'. best regards!


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