Friday, 26 March 2010

Durham Tour (Part 2)

The story continues... 

 We reached Durham after a four and half hour journey.
A rather wet morning and verrrry cold! 7 degrees..
The magnificent Town Hall in Durham where we were received by the mayor.

Full of history.

Tea and scones  for the entourage.

A welcoming note from the mayor

The drama teacher introducing the sketch by secondary school students

A symbolic presentation that said all about breaking barriers and making friendship.

Making the first move through touching...strangeness, curiosity, apprehension...

The group enjoying the performance..I was busy taping..

The ice has broken- merriment and a celebration of friendship in the air


Like real tourists!!

The entrance to Durham castle

A student tour guide- very professional and informative!
The castle is part of Durham University

Simply breath-taking!

Hj Jemale (Senior Supervisor, English Unit, JPNJ) and wife strolling the high street in Durham

Brian, our British Council officer giving a short debrief before
 we headed for St Bede's Secondary school

St Bede's School

Better to be inside than outside! Welcoming committee.

St Bede's global outreach

A briefing by the head teacher (principal)

A briefing by a senior teacher on the CCAD programme

One of the classrooms my group visited. 'Selamat Datang'! I actually taught
 them a little bit of Malay pronunciation- 'Selamat Jalan', 'Terima kasih' ...

The music department

Not forgetting the arts..

The bulletin board in the French class I visited

Students task sheets

A French class in progress

Global Cohesion programme -internationalisation in progress

linking schools..

linking schools...

 Clive- our skillful driver who were with us for three days from London- Durham- Leeds- Oxford- Cambridge- Stratford-upon-Avon and back to London. Such a jolly person, I enjoyed talking to him.

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