Sunday, 7 March 2010

Kluang District English Panel Meeting (1)

English Panel Heads
En Mahyudin (Language Officer) talking about PMR
Nuha making a point...
New Panel Heads
Mawarni, the district secretary,
 me chairing the meeting and En Mahyudin Salim

Date: 3 March 2010
Venue: SMCC Library

The first district panel meeting was held today in SMCC. As the PK1 had to attend another meeting, I was asked to conduct this one while waiting for my new principal to report for duty. It was great to see old friends again after the end of year hols. It was a fruitful meeting except for the time factor. Our language officer, En Mahyudin Salim was there to share data on PMR 2009 for the district and state of Johor. He wanted English heads of panel to think of effective strategies to address the 30-39 group of students. Amongs the matters discussed were:

  • the PMR ETR for Kluang district
  • strategies to improve the performance of the 30-39 marks group of students
  • 2010 programmes

We agreed to a sharing session by SMKT and SMK Sri Lalang on the programmes that they carried out in their respective schools. I extended Mdam Tan Tong Yar's (former chairperson) gratitute to all panel heads for their excellent work in 2009 and her good wishes for the panel in 2010.

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