Friday, 26 March 2010

London & Paris Trip (Part 1)

Finally, I have the chance to sit down and try to upload some photos! But I must say the rate of uploading is painfully slooooow! Got hundreds to upload but I guess a selection will do. Even fb is a problem. I've been trying to upload for 4 days but all I managed so far is nine photos...

13 hours later - we landed safely at Heathrow Airport- it was a smooth landing
(am always terrified of landings!), thanks to the captain.  Mastura and I waiting for our luggage.

With no time to waste, we were whisked off for a London city tour- first stop to see the Queen! or the palace rather. One tip given to us by the Suki, the tour guide- if the flag is hoisted, it means the queen is not in- she is in the palace in Scotland. Hmmm..the flag was hoisted so no chance for a quick cup of tea with her majesty :) A chilly and windy morning. I remember the mountain of bouquets and garlands here when Princess Diana died as I was a student back then.

Then to the embankment to view the Tower Bridge and the eye of London.
Westminster Abbey next where Diana married Prince Charles

Madam Tussard- this was my second visit to the wax museum and  I can't explain this but I've always felt uneasy here. Probably the crowd was too big for me- it wasn't easy to walk! Madam Tussard is the same except for more wax figures!! I didn't enjoy this one :(
Guess who we met in Holiday Villa during lunch? Dtk Dr Zulkeples Embong who was
with Lee Chong Wei and the Malaysian badminton team in the All-England tournament.
My good friend Rozi at Novotel Hotel in London

Azra, my roommate and I having English breakfast at Novotel

2nd day: Off to Durham. A brilliant performance by secondary school students in Durham!
 I love the short sketch they produced!

2nd day- we were off to Durham. Clive, the driver was a very friendly man. Great conversation on driving rules in Britain. At one point, we had a good laugh when he told us about ABT and ABC: Another Bloody Tourist and Another Bloody Castle!! I really miss the English sense of humour!! 
Here's us in front of Durham castle- after a comprehensive tour by the students. Some students actually live in the hall of residence in the castle itself but the have to pay a hefty some to lodge there because the rooms are limited and the priviledge of staying in an English castle is definitely an out of this world experience!

All the best to Syahmi (x-smsj) and wife (PHD students)!

  We were received by the mayor in this grand and beautiful town hall.

A view of the cathedral in Durham where graduation ceremony takes place I was told.

Checking in at the 5-star Marriot Hotel in Durham
My room with Azra
Luxurious comfort!! Four pillows to yourself! I mean how many pillows can one use at a time? Good remedy for those tired legs. The walking took a toll on ly legs-and the medicine I brought caused gastritis which I am still recovering from now. That is why I must lose weight!!

The cosy lounge at Marriot just before the school visit.

but breakfast first..

Welcome to St Bede's Catholic School- a high performance school in Durham

Time to mingle with the staff of St Bede's

Khairul (still single-ex lawyer turned teacher)

I taught the students in this class Bahasa Melayu!!

Brian, from the British Council- excellent programme laid out for us. Thanks Brian!

St Bede's head teacher (center), and Mr Shan (Principal Assistant Director, English Unit, JPN Johor)

After a comprehensive tour of the school-time for a photo or two...

(it's almost 1 a.m. now people- I got classes tomorrow...will be continued...)

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