Saturday, 10 April 2010

Excellence Programme in MRSM Batu Pahat

Date: 10 April 2010
Venue: MRSM Batu Pahat

You go girls!
May success be yours!
All the best!
Good luck boys!

Siti Aisyah (English Teacher) and I after the talk
Good luck girls!
Do your best!

The talk went well and I hope I was able to share some tips with the students in MRSM Batu Pahat. Aisyah 'booked' me since February this year and this was my second time here. It was rather early to do an exam techniques workshop but it was a smart decision to get the students on track as early as you can. The students were attentive and responsive.  Thanks to Aisyah and her teachers for kindly inviting me although I turned them down last year. Here's wishing them all the very best in the SPM!


  1. Good job.Hope my daughter had learnt from you.

  2. hi fuzie, i sure hope so :)


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