Thursday, 1 April 2010

Training of Trainer Course- MBMMBI Programme, KPM

Date: 29 March - 1 April 2010
Venue: Selesa Hotel, Johor Bharu
Trainers: Dr Rafia, Madam Nagama, Mr Vijayan ((IPGM IPTHO)

Today was the last day of our training session. The course participants were from Kluang and Batu Pahat (about 30 participants). Although Dr Rafia teased me a few times throughout the course, I didn't mind at all knowing her style! I was there with an open mind to fine-tune my skills as a trainer. As a matter of fact, I was hoping to just keep a low profile but it turned out that was not an easy thing to do. Sometimes I wish I can just enjoy a course without too much attention... It's so difficult when people know you are a GC and that announcement (by the trainer) that I was entitled to a single room since I was dg54 didn't help either :( This was the only thing I was unhappy about. Overall, I enjoyed the sessions and learn I did!

A word on the module- it was comprehensive, cohesive and compact compared to the previous MTDP (Malaysian Trainer Development Course) which was rather lengthy. In those days we had to train in four phases each lasting 3 days!  However I think five days would have been better so that the trainers did not have to rush too much. Some sessions were a little rushed. Overall, I enjoyed myself learning new things and hope to put to good use the input received. Made many new friends in the course such as Azimah, Karthika, Amirah, Rajakumar, Vasu, Ng (Jing Wen's mom), Rita, etc. They were a fun lot, willing to learn and improve themselves. I wish them all 'Happy Training'!! Thanks to Dr Rafia and her team. They did a splendid job!

Dr Rafia and I
Vasu, me, Huda, Rita and Fuziana
One of the activities- "My Career Path'

More picts...


  1. Salam Pn Rahmah.
    Did you manage to get to DG54?
    If yes, congratulation!

    just wanna share, i am learning APA references style now in Academic Writing subject which is very useful in order to make good research papers.
    Yeah, we acknowledge our sources or i should say to do plagiarism but in a legal way.. huhu..

  2. yes i did dear. tx. well am glad u are learning something useful. teach me how to plagiarise the legal way ok :)

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  4. tx mbmmbi,
    ur methods are definitely unconventional!!


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