Friday, 28 May 2010

Immersion Programme

Soon I will be involved an immersion programme organised by the Kluang PPD. A briefing was given by Tn Hj Jalil Satari (PPD Kluang) during our Majlis Guru Cemerlang meeting yesterday. I had many questions to pose but the officer had to leave earlier. There were no handouts given and I felt I had to fill in all the blanks! A call to a GC friend did not help either. She was of the impression that if the school's results improve, then we would have done a great job! This is a pretty myopic view I think. For a start, what can a few observations do to help raise standards in the school? At best, they can only raise awareness. I was informed that another district is arranging for three classroom visits only. Can you really be immersed in three visits? For something to have an impact, I think a range of three months would be great.

The immersion programme (or shadowing) basically is a mentoring progrramme where I shall be assigned to two English teachers. As a mentor I will observe his/her classrooms and give relevant feedback. He/She will also observe me teach and we will then exchange notes. In order for this programme to be successful, we definitely need clear guidelines and preparations. I'm looking forward to this programme as a way to also rejuvenate my teaching. Both mentor and mentee should benefit greatly if important matters  such as who the mentees are, etiquette, the right procedures etc. are taken care off. A great place to begin  with is shamblesguru. To other Excellent/Master teachers who are involved in the immersion programme, watch this video to get some ideas:


  1. Well said Kak Rahmah. 3 classroom visit is not conducive especially when they expect us, the mentors to do wonders to the school's academic performance. If the mentors are given guidelines on how to conduct the programme, it would be easier to assist the mentees, don't you think? IMHO, letting the mentees observe us in our school is indeed a pragmatic approach, should suggest that to the PPD officers soon. Do keep us update on your immersion progress. Thanks for the tips and suggestions.

  2. that's what i thought the ppd should have done. anyway let's hope for the best..


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