Tuesday, 4 May 2010

State Level Teacher's Day Presentation Rehearsal (1)

Teachers in action

Ismail training the teachers

Kluang has been entrusted to produce a special presentation from teachers for the state level Teacher's Day celebration on the 28th May 2010. I managed to edit the text but am not sure now what the concept of the presentation is like. Perhaps it's theater and choral speaking all infused into one. Well, the PPD would like to see action from different parts of the stage. It's no small feat rehearsing for this presentation. Thank God Ismail Yon (Chairman, MGC Kluang) finally came to lend a hand. SMCC is definitely grateful. Today and the next two days will see rehearsals and drama techniques to get teachers to loosen up. The heat doesn't help at all...but the job has to be done! It's great to see some young talent getting into the mood and acting their part. I pray that they will come up with a sterling performance. Time sure flies! We don't have much time left..

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