Sunday, 18 July 2010

British Council Connecting Classrooms Meeting

Date: 15 July 2010
Venue: PPD Kluang

Today we had the second meeting to discuss the state and national seminars for the BCC programme. I really had to drag my feet to this I was very unhappy at the way the tasks were allocated in the earlier meeting. I felt 'cheated' as my school had not been registered and therefore technically we shouldn't even be in the committee. Being given the task of MC for this state event was unfair as this is a specialist job. Not everybody can be a MC!!! My suggestions for an experienced MC was rejected despite the fact that she comes from one of the 10  original member schools in the programme. And what has my DG got to do with the whole thing? I found this most annoying!! The 10 original schools should  have been given the most important and challenging tasks (as they had enjoyed the perks from the programme) but I guess they didn't have much confidence at emceeing in the first place :)) This was the reason why they volunteered for 'JK Persiapan Tempat', 'JK Pendaftaran' and the likes.. and guess who got away with many things? In addition, I couldn't stand the passivity of some members of the committee, hardly saying anything and contributing anything. They seemed afraid to voice out their feelings and ideas. It was as if they needed some sort of approval from someone before they could say anything. It was only half-way through the meeting that the magical word  'help', yes that's the right word I'd been waiting for, appeared. So they needed 'help' from my school!! Say so lah from the beginning!! So they finally acknowleged that my school had not been registered. and that's why they needed 'help'.  But why the heck were we given MC and not say registration???

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