Wednesday, 7 July 2010

English Month, July 2010

The launching of the English month and 'Bulan Membaca' took place today in the main hall. I was in charge of the multimedia presentation. Took me a whole Saturday to put those video together. However, the technical glitches spoiled the multimedia presentation. If only we had a good PA system!! (am asking for the moon I know sob sob..). A splitter would have done the job. I was amazed to learn that all these while, the prefects actually coordinated using signals!! But launched it we did. We had the helium-filled balloons as planned. For the 'Bulan Membaca' launching, we had a choir presentation fand awards  for  NILAM . Thanks to  Li Ching and Joyce for helping out! We will do better next time. Here are some of the activities lined up:
  • World Cup Soccer Quiz
  • Talentime
  • Spelling Bee
  • Public-speaking
  • Merdeka Mesage Competition
  • 20-mins activities at the English Zone (Quizzes, Puzzles)

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