Thursday, 23 September 2010


I'm back after a short haitus and I want to say something about the PTPTN issue. Not my usual blogging issues but I simply must say something about this. It's unfortunate that there are many Malaysians (some of whom are engineers and holding stable jobs)  who do not fulfill their responsibility to repay the loan. I just watched Astro Awani news that the government is making it compulsory for them to pay by 2013 and God knows how that is going to be done. More money will be wasted in locating these defaulters and setting up a system to retrieve the loans! Billions of ringgit (should I say taxpayers' money) have been loaned to many students so that they may get a good education and a degree but upon landing a job, they refuse to settle the loan. Common sense dictates that if you borrow money, you must repay!  There are many students out there who also need a loan. Call me a conservative or whatever but I think the government has been too soft on these selfish defaulters. There is no other government in the world that will tolerate this situation to that extent. If you're a recipient of the loan, up! Don't bite the hand that feeds you. Malaysia cannot afford to be a welfare state ok...


  1. correct mdm!! couldn't agree more..

  2. It's the positive attitude that should be instilled and nurtured at all times.So, teachers, parents, friends could do their part in order to make everyone be grateful to Allah and others.

  3. i agree maimumah. tx for dropping by :)


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