Sunday, 10 October 2010

5RC's story

The girls in 5RC did a great job of piecing a story from the newspapers. Congrats girls! I wanted to see how the students would react when given this activity compared to 5S1.  5RC consists of 35 students with  average to weak levels of proficiency. The only change I decided to make was  to appoint the better students (seven of them) to be group leaders for the seven groups. It's amazing how a simple decision like that could influence the students' behaviour. The selected leaders felt appreciated and they conducted themselves as leaders in the true sense of the word. As a result, the girls produced excellent writing pieces and I was very pleased to the say the least. Well-done girls!

Li Ching and her group.

Jing Wen and her charges.

Su Hui and Pei Ying presenting their story.

Poonjoley and Vaneswary trying their best!

Their master pieces.


  1. I pride myself claiming to do things 'my way'. Piecing a sory from newspapers is a technique alien to me. Would you elaborte this for my benefit, please? (email me if you prefer)

    A lot of hings I have been doing with my pupils fall bck on the 'ancient' way, the way I learnt or did. Because it was effective enough to make me what I am it is natural for me to try to go back on that for others. I realis, no doubt, a method effective for one needs not be so for others.


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