Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Date: 25 Oct 2011
Operation D-Day -GC Gred Khas C Evaluation

Alhamdulilllah, the only word to describe my evaluation for Guru Cemerlang GKC. It is also the most appropriate word to describe my relief after it all... Got home and performed 'solat sunat syukur' as I was deeply touched by my students' spirit (5RC) and enthusiasm. Thanks for all your prayers and motivation students and friends. Thanks to the inspectorates for giving me plenty of opportunity to describe myself and what I do. As I've always said before to close friends, "It's not easy to be rahmah and to describe me!" Besides how do you  begin to summarise 24 years of teaching? No small task. Alhamdulillah for everything. The rest is up to Him...

***Couldn't go to the gym as planned though- slept the whole afternoon- dead tired..I deserved to sleep :)


  1. What is evaluation for Guru Cemerlang GKC? Is this a kind of selection process or an interview for promotion? Since you seem so relieved, by the sound of it, and are so gratified, you must have done well or have passed whatever, in which case I congratulate you.

  2. dear pakcik,
    yes evaluation and observation for promotion to Gred Khas C. the road is still long..pakcik. i was merely relieved that it is all over.i was very touched by my students' support during my classroom observation that I cried on the way home...may God bless them all in their spm. i was pleased with the evaluation and hope something positive will come out of it. will be some time before i know if am successful..doakan ya pakcik :)

  3. half of decade teaching..
    must be a lot of experience.
    i guess SMSJ was your 1st school.


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