Sunday, 10 October 2010

'I like You' slips - a lesson on friendship

To round up a lesson on friendship, I used this activity in 5S1 recently. I've posted something on this last year I think. Use the search engine on the top left sidebar to look for it. It's an activity that I can't do without every year as and when I see fit because the results are wonderful and the ss are engaged in a meaningful task.  I must add though that this was a double period lesson. Here's the brief structure of the lesson:
  • write about 5-7 words from the song 'You've got a friend' by Carol King. Get ss to predict what the song is about (prediction)
  • ss listen to song and fill in a worksheet with gapped lyrics (intensive listening)
  • put ss in groups and ask them to list out the qualities of a good friend (speaking/writing)
  • call group reps to read their list and teacher writes the list on board (ignore overlapping ones)
  • finally get ss to rank the top five in the list in terms of importance (consensus-seeking)
  • wrap up (about 10 mins) with 'I like you slips' (reinforcement)
***A note on 'I like you slips' activity:

After a discussion on the qualities  of a good friend, get ss to write something NICE and POSITIVE about  their friends in the class. Prepare envelopes with ss names and lots of paper. You will see many ss taking  lots of papers (slips) to write. And if you dare, take part in the activity too. Have an envelope with your name and see what your ss will write!

Envelopes with ss names and plenty of papers.

Time to write something nice about my friends...

Allow ss to take as many papers- observe time limit of course..
Here are the slips I received - cross my fingers no one will hijack my blog and accuse me of gloating in  self-praise :) My comments in blue:

1. Thanks for your teaching for almost two years! =) Really appreciate it. Love you =) (I can live longer!!)
2. Hey teacher! Thanks for spending time with me on facebook. (what FB? o u mean FB yeah great conversations we had PY)  I appreciate it so much!!! Hope you're well with the things you are working on!!! Have a good rest before you move on =) Stay healthy and cute! (I know-like Doeramon some of you say)
3. Teacher: You spend a lot of time and spirit to teach us (meaning comes through hehe). This activity is very good. I can feel the effect of this lesson. Thank you. I hope that our class will go raya at your house. Thanks a lot... =)
4. Thanks for giving such a meaningful lessons today. It is really touched me and give me a deep thought. Thanks. (am glad...)
5. Puan Rahmah, Well, there is so much to say, too much to fit in here. You have been a very good teacher. I miss the days when we were in the car and you were sharing stories (even though I didn't talk much but I was really listening. Well, maybe cause I couldn't speak fluently that's why I kept quiet, but sometimes we should be a listener). Teacher, I hope you can be a friend, a friend who guides. (catch me on FB =) )
6. Teacher, thank you for this activity! I realise that how important friends are! You know I always think I'm alone before this activity, but maybe I will change my mind after doing this! I love you TEACHER! (my ss have feelings after all...)
7. Teacher, well, you are a good teacher. A very dedicate and faithful teacher. You just never failed to carry out your work as a teacher. I really admire and respect your commitment in teaching! =) May you continue to be patient in teaching and many lives will be touched by you! (touching this...)

Tell me what you think of the activity.


  1. Teacher... remember the book the God of all things (arundathi roy) that you recommend me read all those years ago? Well, a few weeks ago I saw an Aussie firefighter holding the book and it reminded me of you :)

    Thanks for being such a lovely teacher. I hope I can be as dedicated in my profession as you are in yours.
    I would have loved to join in this game as well!

  2. a fireman eh mariam! i've almost forgotten about the book i told u years ago. have u read it? thanks for ur kind words. u will be too in whatever ur career u choose after graduation. trust me :)

  3. I did read the entire book!
    It was really different from what I was used to because it's a foreigner using the English language but it was definitely a unique way of writing :)

    yep. a bona fide fireman, relaxing on a trip with us students slaving away doing assignments on our university's research ship.

  4. mariam,
    u must be terribly envious of him :)


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