Friday, 29 October 2010

Seafood treat for my mentees

We had a great time at a seafood restaurant in Kg Melayu (terrible of me not to remember the name of the restaurant but it's just after the traffic lights if you are driving from town). After kerapu sweet sour, squid batter, tom yam, kai lan with salted fish we were all ready for home! Study hard Sahira, Farah, Syafiqah, Syazana, Siti Hajar, Syahira for the coming SPM!


  1. how i miss the old time..
    i really hope if we can meet n makan2 together..
    so jealous of them..

  2. hi rozaidi @ejat,
    yeah i miss it too. come over to kluang , i will give u a treat :)


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