Monday, 22 November 2010

Time to catch up with my reading...

Popular is having a sale so I got myself quite a few books to read today. I hope I can read them all this hols!


  1. Salam Madam..we have something in common,I love reading..but this holiday I don't have new books to read. I read "The Curse"..erm for academic purpose but need to find something to light up my heart..:P. Anyway enjoy your reading and happy holiday..

  2. salam fay,
    u should get some then ya..something u like. well, i started reading 'self-leadership and the one-minute manager' today. great so far. makes me think!! happy hols!

  3. i bought the recipes book as well, so far it works wonder for a lousy cook like me.


    my current reading is "how to get from where you are to where you want to be" by jack canfield. it is a good book. The principles are common but we tend to overlook.

  4. hi wawa,
    lousy cook? ur not alone!! count me in! yes it's a great book- worth buying! i've tried two recipes and they worked. u know some recipe books are not reliable, out to make money. u must go to her blog too
    well, am reading the one minute manager now. very good book!


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