Saturday, 12 February 2011

KIK Course

Date: 7-10 Feb 2011
Venue: Intan, Kluang

I attended this KIK (Kumpulan Inovatif dan Kreatif) course with 34 other participants from all over the country. Was appointed 'Timbalan Penghulu" would you believe? Learnt a lot although I felt it was really heavy-going...ended up with a fever towards the end. Well, for the quest of knowledge, anything is tolerable. Made many new friends, Madam Chong (Principal from SMK Sul Ibrahim Kulai) , Madam Wong (Principal, SMK Senai), Pn Rahimah (Headmistress, SK Pt Kudus, Pontian), Pn Sabariah (KETENGAH, Tganu), Pn Siti Hawa (Kelantan) , Bhaskaran from Segamat (Penghulu) to name a few..thanks to Pak Abu (trainer) and Cik Fadhillah (Coordinator) for all the knowledge gained. We certainly hope to put it to good use!

Our group photo

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