Sunday, 6 February 2011


Dear teachers and friends,
If you're interested in rejuvenating yourself and learning new knowledge and skills, these two conferences offer such opportunities. It does not matter whether you are a beginning teacher or a senior teacher- you will pick up  lots of ideas for your teaching and learning. I'm looking for co-drivers and roommate/flatmate (depends on number) who would be interested to attend MELTA 2011 in Kuala Terengganu or ICELT 2011 in Lumut. Please contact me at Hope to hear from you :)


  1. salam kak rahmah,
    i'm so very much interested in joining the two conferences, and, yes, i'm quite new..not that fresh though.been teaching for 6 years now and i feel that it's time for me to rise to the occasion and start anew.i feel the need to share and experience new inventions and ideas in this particular area of ours; teaching english.but there's one teeny do i prepare for the conference?are there any particular methods that i should abide to in order to come up with a good presentation?how do i start?please kak rahmah, i really need your guide in this matter.

  2. salam sanremopasta,
    am attending a course right now. it's good that you
    re interested. go to the relevant sites and read ok. start by writing a proposal. i tell u what dear..many have asked me questions without making an effort to go to the websites and read. read and u will be enlightened ok. best!

  3. Salam kak Rahmah,
    i am a new teacher who has just been posted end of July last year. I was very excited when i found out about MELTA conference this year and without hesitate i told my KP about my intention to attend this conference. I did the paperwork and my principal approved it. I can't wait for the conference and for the time being, i keep on asking senior teachers, sharing with my friends on what is best for my teaching apart from reading books and blogs. I have been reading your blog since last year and honestly i am inspired by you and your hard work. I wish i'll be as good as you one day, and i am working on it!i know it is not rocket science!^^

  4. kak Rahmah,
    is it possible for me to merely attend the conference as participant and not presenting?

  5. dear anonymous 1,
    leaving ur name would be great :) am glad that you're interested to go. hope to meet you there. thanks for visiting my blog. glad to have been an inspiration :))

  6. dear anonymous 2,
    of course, you can go as a participant or a presenter. go to the website ok. hope to catch u there!

  7. Dear Kak Rahmah,
    i am Saidatul (anon 1&2..=)), currently teaching form 5 in Semporna, Sabah. It's a very tough responsibility for me this year coz i'm teaching 5 out of 9 classes of form 5 students...sometimes i'm clueless..that is why i try my best to gain as much as i can from the experienced ones..

  8. dear saidatul,
    all you need to do is to write a proposal. you can look at sample proposals from the web if u intend to present a paper.

  9. typing error kak is rocket science for me...^^


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