Saturday, 2 April 2011

LDP1 : Attitude and Approach: Restoring The Passion for Teaching

Date: 2 April 2011
Time: 8a.m.- 3p.m.
Venue: Kolej Komuniti Kluang
Invited Speaker: Mr Phuah Seng Tiong (Ex-Principal, SMK Jinjang, KL)

An inspiring and timely talk which I needed to relook my role as a teacher. Some interesting points noted down:

  • Don't be a dinasour- don't be obselete, keep up with the times in your teaching
  • We need motivation regularly- "We need to fill up because we leak!"
  • We have a lot to of work to do to clear up the image of teachers and teaching
  • Teachers must have self-esteem and respect their profession
  • Teaching is about preparing students for tomorrow not now (long-term)
  • Teach students good values- appreciating their teachers and vice-versa
  • Enter class prepared-Where are you taking your lessons?
  • We need to fail forward not backwards
  • The investment in school is not buildings but students
  • Children are like wet cement- What impression are you going to leave?
  • When you enter class IMPACT the students, then INSPIRE, INFLUENCE and IMPLANT

Thanks to Mr Phuah for sharing your wisdom! Thanks to Barny's for sponsoring the tea break and lunch.


  1. Pn, i've heard about Kolej Komuniti kluang before.tapi tak tahu where the location is. masa tu nak apply for certificate course kat situ then cancel sebab xsure where it is situated.

  2. hi fairosza,
    at present it's located at the same block with Unian bookshop. It's a temporary place before they move to somewhere in taman maju if am not mistaken. it looks like a tuition centre but we were told it will have it's own block. email me if u want the coordinator's number ok.

  3. Actually, I planned to apply there while waiting for UPU result. Now I think I could not have the opportunity to study there as the result is going to be announced soon..(oh I really want fill my free time there with some practical course before entering uni)

    btw,thanks for your respond..happy blogging =)


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