Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Reading Club 12: How to get from where you are to where you want to be, Jack Canfield

Got to blog tonight..after three horrid days in school!

pg 236, What to do when feedback tells you you've failed- my progress thus far in attempting to complete this book :) Didn't I buy this like three months ago? Gosh! How hard it is to finish a book these days-  a few pages here and a few pages there especially before going to bed. So pg 236 is progress indeed. When I flipped to the bookmarked page half an hour ago, I thought "How appropriate!", considering my recent disappointment. Here's what Canfield says about "failure experience":
  • acknowledge you did the best you could with the awareness, knowledge, and skills you had at the time (I like this because I know that I've tried my best)
  • acknowledge that you survived and that you can absolutely cope with any of the consequences or results
  • write down everything you learned from the experience. Write all of your insights and lessons down in a file in your computer or a journal called Insights and Lessons. Read through this file often. 
  • take some time to go back and review your successes. It's important to remind yourself that you have had many more successes than you have had failures. You've done many more things right than you've done wrong (how true!)
  • regroup. Spend some time with positive loving friends, family, and coworkers who can reaffirm your worth  and contribution
  • refocus on your vision. Incorporate the lessons learned, recommit to your original plan, or create a new plan of action, and then get on with it. Stay in the game, Keep moving toward the fulfillment of your dreams. You're going to make a lot of mistakes along the way. Dust yourself off, get back on your horse and keep riding (love this one!)
 (credit: Jack Canfield)

Lessons learned:
  • Never, never, never give up!
  • You can only come back stronger and better.
  • Be thankful for all that God has given you.

~the thinking teacher~

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