Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Fruitcake Special- First Place, Group 6, 4S1

Sharing of best practices. My students in 4S1 performing a sketch on the Form 4 short story, 'The Fruitcake Special'. Each group was given a few pages of the short story to perform and they were given about a week to prepare. Peer evaluation was done in the simplest way- each student was given a small, blank piece of paper to write the best three groups they liked. The papers were collected and tallied. Group 6 was voted the best by all their peers. Not bad considering the short time given to prepare. Even though the short story will not be tested in the SPM, I still teach it because literature is one of the best ways my students can improve their language. The videos have been uploaded to their digital notebook for all to see.
Well-done girls! Full results:

1ST PLACE: Group 6 (Huey Boon, Wen Qi, Sze Ying, Xiao Hui)

2ND PLACE: Group 4 (Han Leng, Sheng Hsia, Miroshiga, Chen Hong)

3RD PLACE: Group 3 (Jia Li, Wan Qian, Yik Ni, Yi Xin)


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