Sunday, 19 June 2011

Ramblings @ blogging :)

I really am feeling lazy to do any school work tonight so I will ramble instead. it's one of those days where you just don't want to do anything. Tonight is RRRRRambling night where I shall write aimlessly and pepper my writing with many digressions (the dictionary says this is the meaning of ramble lah). 

Tomorrow, insyaAllah, I'd like to fast with my daughter, Adibah, this being the holy month of Rejab. Besides, she actually needs motivation to replace the days she missed out last year! Who else has to keep her motivated. Well, wonder what we shall have for 'sahur'...we finished all the fish during lunch and all we have is the leftover vegetable soup. Problem solved, hubby just offered to buy anything I want from the nearby shop! Fried 'kampung' rice it will be. Habis la my diet speaking of which, I've not gone to the gym for a week already. Well, I'll be kind to myself- I was at the gym in Dynasty Hotel last Tuesday but what a disappointment...The treadmill was out of order and it was the only miserable one available. Reluctantly, I tried the cycling machine. I don't like cycling machines. Strange how the hotel claims of  'outstanding facilities'.

Got home earlier from KL due to unavoidable circumstances and was greeted by hungry Ondeh-Ondeh (the male, yellow cat) and Si Bengis (a beautiful Persian cat that you can never ever rub because she is mighty fierce and proud!) Well, the cats are not even mine...but they always meow for food outside the kitchen. My daughter decided to call the yellow one Ondeh-Ondeh. He is so protective over Si Bengis but he's a gentle one. We gave them some whiskas and how fast they finished them. Could it be that hubby hadn't fed them at all while I was in KL? Oh but how they have aged (the cats I mean)...both had scars on their bodies and Ondeh-Ondeh's eyes were watery. They certainly look old and weary perhaps due to the fights they'd had. They say cats go away when they sense their time has come. I hope it's no time yet for Ondeh-Ondeh but I seldom see him nowadays...

I can only describe last night's experience a nighmare! After visiting my mum in Batu Pahat, my daughter and I waited until after the Mahgrib prayer (well, to be precise, after my sister Maisarah had spent some time listening to and correcting my recitation of the Yassin after the Mahgrib prayer. She has all my respect for she has a certificate in tajweed- lessons she took from renowned teachers to perfect the recitation of the Quran. Forgive me God for the numerous errors in my recitation!) We left Batu Pahat at 8.30 p.m. and reached home an hour later but to our dismay, we had not brought the house key!! What ensued was a franctic search (without the police) for my husband. First stop, Kejora Hall ( in the neighbourhood) as he had mentioned he was going to have a badminton game. But he was nowhere to be found. That's where he usually plays badminton! To cut a long ramble short, we looked for him in three places in Kluang town after a tip off from his friend. He was never found. Tired, we decided to have Nan bread, tandoori chicken and nescafe at Jamilah Restaurant in town, thinking that if he were to pick up my calls, I would still be in the vicinity and I could get hold of the elusive key. It's not me to have late night supper or 'ngeteh' as we call it in Johor. But I must say that the bread, tandoori and nescafe were perfect! You must be wondering what happened to the handphone! Technology! Well, it was not meant to be-dear hubby left his handphone in the car all through his game, so he was unaware of my many calls!! When he finally did notice, it was already midnight. It wasn't his fault and it was Father's Day so I kept my cool throughout. Lesson learnt - don't leave home without your OWN house key :)

Well just one more thing- my second shot at the 'Gred Khas C' post. After last year's disappointment, 'silly' me decided to reapply and go through all that stress again. YES. Someone asked, "Again?" Yes, why not. Despite the anxiety and all the expectations that go with it, I'm giving it another shot.Wish me luck all.

Sleep tight everyone :)


  1. Oh dear, all that waiting must very agonising and tiring for you. In regards to Gred Khas C post, go for it, Kak Rahmah! You have what it takes :)

  2. indeed fadzleen..exhausting. thanks for the confidence u have in me. i will give it another shot. who knows i might be lucky this time :))

  3. indeed fadzleen..exhausting. thanks for the confidence u have in me. i will give it another shot. who knows i might be lucky this time :))


  5. dear anonymous,
    thanks. you are far ahead from me...stopped reading it for a while.


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