Thursday, 30 June 2011

Reflections...on the lesson on friendship

I'd like to share how the lesson went and some tips on how you can make it better. Overall, I achieved the objectives I set out and students' response was good. They found the song slow but meaningful. You can substitute the song with a more upbeat one. A young teacher, Ikhwan Hazzad from SMK Jalan Kota, suggested that I use White Stripes, "We're going to be friends". As a matter of fact, he played the guitar and sang the song in his class. Cool :)

1. Group formation took a bit of time- you might want to think of ways on how to put ss in groups in the shortest time possible.
2. The wrapping up session after the 'I like You slips' activity could have been done better. The usual problem I face is that ss get really excited writing something nice for their friends that they ignore the time limit given. It would be nice to be able to read one or two slips (if your students allow it) and to summarise the lesson but I didn;t get to do that. Suffice to say, the students were very happy with the lesson.

One group's response is memorable. The group's response to the question 'Friendship is...' is as follows:
Friendship is the marriage of two bodies and one soul. Hmmm... how about that for some philosophical gibberish?

Thanks for the slips I received girls!

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