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Teacher Talk (20): Query on GC

(published with permission)

Sent: Saturday, July 23, 2011 6:11 PM
Subject: A Query on GC

Assalamualaikum Puan Rahmah.

I have been your silent reader for 2 years now. I have benefitted a lot from your blog. What more with your sharing virtue that allows me to have access to materials otherwise I am deprived of.

Sorry if my question sounds so self indulgent and selfish but trust me I have no option but to ask you these:

I started teaching in 2009. Next year is going to be my 4th year of teaching. Am I eligible to apply to be a GC next year? Through some internet research, I found that a teacher must have a least 7 years of being a DG 41 holder to apply for GC. Last three years in JPN ***when i was about to receive my posting letter, the officer said, the duration is 5 years.

And all these years, I have been placed in the afternoon session which means I only teach form1 and form2 students. No exam class at all. Am I eligible for GC application?Am I too 'baby' to apply for GC, puan? Please enlighten me about this issue. For your info, I have managed to develop my own modules namely 5 theme-based modules, a remedial program module, a writing module and a still going on literature component module.

What sparked me to ask you these? Well, last week I had a brief meeting with my erstwhile lecturer. She insisted us (there were 2 of her former students) to apply for GC. Why do I want to be a GC Puan? Besides the attractive pay check (yep!) I am yearning for the privilege of going to professional courses and seminar the GCs are entitled to.

Puan, I have been teaching for 3 years but I only attended only 1 course on new literarature component in my whole 3 years. To me, teachers are not lilin, we are pelita. We need minyak to menerangi orang lain. After 3 years, my minyak is already depleting. Yes, through reflection and some passion, I have come up with some humble modules but I am not sure of their quality or am I being syok sendiri? I miss the time when I was a student. How i was so enthusiatic and fiery after each and every lecture I attended; they were inspiring that I couldnt wait to share them with my future students back then.

Oh, I am teaching at a Gred A school on ***. The school is OK honestly but seniority reigns supreme. I have nothing against my seniors (they were my teacher. I am teaching at my former secondary school) but I am so left behind in term of proffesional development. What more I am teaching in the afternoon session. My friends from other schools have been promoted to JU and such and I am green with envy to listen to their recounts of being to numerous courses and seminars.

Puan, please keep my email anonymous should you want to share this email in your blog. Malu. Hehe.
Thanks for the time you spend reading this email.
May Allah reward you.

My Reply

Wassallam ***,

Thank you for your email. Don't worry I will keep it anonymous. The reason I publish is for others to learn and hopefully respond. I'm glad you have found my blog useful.

1.To your question on GC, you can go to the following link especially 'surat siaran'.

2. Teaching in the afternoon session is not a problem at all if you want to apply for GC. The requirement does not state that you must teach exam classes. But teaching your option is important. In a sense, there are less courses for afternoon session because you don't have PMR or SPM. It's good if you can try to switch to the morning session.

3. It's commendable that you've produced a few modules. I say, keep up the good work! Do what you think will help your students improve. It's good that you're building you're preparing yourself to be a GC.

4. With regards to opportunities for professional development, you sometimes have to look for the opportunities and be willing to pay. They can come in the form of courses, meetings, conferences etc. and don't forget reading!

5. Let me share something with you- I became a GC because I like to teach and train teachers. Yes, you may have heard this a thousand times but these were the real reasons why I applied (twice). I wasn't too sure about the pay at the time. Interestingly, I've met some friends who say they want to be a GC because they want the DG...for instance DG48. I'm not sure if this is a good reason. It's not a glamorous job...people have high expectations of you and the pressure is high. But it's good that  you have a vision in life and I sincerely hope you will achieve it.

One advice is to be willing to help others and be willing to lend a hand to PPD, JPN, MOE etc. Many teachers complain when called for courses, meetings etc. as they see it as extra work. This is not the right attitude especially for young teachers. Help, learn and grow in  meetings, courses, conferences etc. That's professional development for you! All the best!


  1. Thanks for the information. Only two teachers have applied to be GC in my school this year. There is no GC in my school.

  2. hi sintaicharles,
    i hope ur one of them who applied :)


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