Friday, 16 September 2011

Professional Learning Community: Lesson Study: NKRA, BPG, MOE

Date: 12-14th September 2011
Venue: Telok Dalam Resort, Pangkor

When I arrived at Teluk Dalam (after a gruelling seven-hour drive), the chalets that greeted me looked familiar. I thought I'd seen them in some movie or programme. Only later did I realise that the resort was filmed in one of the movies by the Senario group. It was a fantastic retreat I have to say- kampung house on stilts welcomed us and the sounds of waves lapping in the open sea. The cafe was strategically placed overlooking the sea and the breeze was refreshing. This was my third trip to Pangkor after more than ten years! Was excited to meet Jugdeep and Hayati particularly, being English teachers! This was the more exciting part- meeting friends. Incidentally, I shall be driving this route again tomorrow for ICELT with Fuziana, Fazleen and Suziana, so it should be quite familiar. Meeting was great and I hope for more success for Lesson Study next year!

The compound

Some Pangkor anchovies to take home.

A gazebo by the sea..


  1. I am one of your silent readers.UiTM Perlis will host 2012 SALT conference on 9 to 10 September 2012.Perhaps you like to send your abstract here

    You do inspire me to be a better teacher.Thanks.

  2. hi latisha,
    thanks for sharing the info. i guess there's still plenty of time before the conference. i hope i can make it :)

  3. Assalamualaikum,

    May I have further information regarding the PLC practices in Msia. As what I know, PLC is not formally implemented in Msia. Thank you

    1. Wassallam roslan, the programme is ongoing. 4 subjects are the focus right now. Best for you to contact bpg as they are spearheading this programme.


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