Saturday, 25 February 2012

Friday's Date With PS

Date: 24th February 2012 (Friday)
Venue: Khalifah Hall
Time: 7.00-7.20 a.m

Our first public-speaking programme was carried out last Friday. It was well-conducted by Nurul Syafawani (4 Al Ghazali and President of ELS) and Izzati (4 As Syafie and Treasurer) from the English Language Society. Thanks girls! The principal agreed that it will be held once a fortnight alternately with the 'Tazkirah" programme by Persatuan Agama Islam. Mr Adnan, our HEM was in the hall early in the morning to help organise the students. The principal, Mr Mohd Noh Mohd Yusof, was given the honour of selecting the first lucky five names from a box. Students' names were cut and jumbled up in a box to be picked only on the day itself. This way, everyone had to be prepared. (Thanks Rozilla, the Head of the English Panel, for the colourful and attractive names) Since this was our first session, the speakers were really NERVOUS... And despite the two weeks given to all students,  I was disappointed that the most of them were not well-prepared and were too dependent on the their texts. In my review, I emphasised that they have to be well-prepared for the next session. Notes are encouraged but please, no public reading! I know that there are many of you Sasemians who are talented and can give a good speech. You can also volunteer if you want to. Just submit your names to me and I will fix the week for your turn.

The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step...

Four students were interviewed by Azhar (great job thanks!) and these were their comments:

Student A (From 4 girl) 
Students were not prepared. Since this is the launching, it's not very good. I hope they will be better prepared in the next session.

Student B (Form 4 boy)
This programme is very good to make us brave to speak in front of an audience. I think the speakers did ok today but I hope they will be better prepared the next session.

Student C (Form 4 boy)
This programme will heighten our confidence level and gives us the chance to improve our writing, grammar, vocabulary and speaking ability

Student D (Form 2 girl)
I learn to prepare for something new. I never had public speaking before. I can improve my English and communication. They were a bit nervous and not prepared but I think it's ok as this is our first session.

Thanks to Azhar for taping the session and to all teachers in the English panel for their enthusiasm and support. Many thanks to all other teachers who came to the session too (Mr Adnan, HEM, Head of Languages, Cik Mariana, GPK Koku, Mr Siddiq, both counselors and others). Let's hope for a more vibrant session a fortnight from now :)

The Thinking Teacher


  1. My school doesn't have enough English teachers to carry out such activities. But we did participate in Star Mag Inc as students were eager to get their pizza vouchers!

  2. hi there daddy zuki,
    you don't need many teachers because as you can see from the photos, i got the ELS students to handle it. Of course, you need to guide them first and be there on the stage. i am so lucky because the school supports the programme. we are trying it till july and then evaluate it. it is part of our strategic planning. i've always wanted to be involved in Star Mag Inc but belum ada rezeki lagi hehe..i should get some tips from you later :)i love pizza!


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