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Fully Residential Schools International Symposium (FRSIS) 2012

I wanted so much to be involved in internationalisation programmes with students but my previous school did not have such programmes. This was one of the reasons why I'm now in my new school.  Surprisingly, the opportunity presented itself recently. A friend promised to put in a word for me to be a part of a similar programme in the state but am still waiting for any news till now. Hence, this was a pleasant surprise indeed.

Background of FRSIS 
(courtesy MOZAC)


FRS International Symposium or Fully Residential Schools International Symposium is a program organized by the Ministry of Education Malaysia. This program is in line with the vision of the Fully Residential Schools (FRS) of Malaysia in producing World Class Leaders.

This program was first successfully held from 9th - 14th September 2011 in Johor, Malaysia. The participants were students aged 16 to 19 years old from all residential schools in Malaysia and other countries such as India, Japan, Singapore, Italy, Korea and Thailand. The program is seen to be able to highlight the quality of students' leadership in organizing international programs. This is evidenced by the active involvement of students in the working committee and in the activities of the program.

In addition, Fully Residential Schools' International Symposium provides an opportunity to more students, especially RS students and students from other countries in general to participate in an international program that allows them to interact, think globally and apply the knowledge gained from the program which has close reference to the country's cultural norms as it is the basic principle of the program.

  • Polish talents and leadership skills among students based on the proposed theme which is Global Culture Generates World Unity.
  • Facilitate potential national leaders to respect the culture and heritage of a nation because it is a prerequisite for a harmonious development of society and nation.
  • Promote awareness and understanding among students that culture and heritage are interrelated and should be respected, preserved and kept in the progress of the race because that aspect is the identity of a nation. 


The main goal of Fully Residential Schools' International symposium is to produce world-class leaders. Therefore, this programme has created space and opportunities for students to exchange ideas, experiences and sharing knowledge to train oneself as a leader by applying the skills of effective communication, management, public-speaking, leadership, social ethics and protocols, creative thinking and others.


Online Registration Due ate    : 10/02/2012
Abstract Submission Due date  : 17/02/2012
Full Paper Submission  Due date  : 02/03/2012
Payment : USD 100/group ( 4 students+ 1 escort teacher)
Payment Due date : 02/03/2012

The main theme is Global Culture Generates World Unity. However, innovative contributions that do not fit into these areas will also be considered since they might be of benefit to symposium attendees. Acceptance will be based primarily on originality, significance and quality of contribution.

Sub-themes for this symposium include, but are not limited to: 
  • Cultural GlobalisationCultural Diversity
  • Cultural Preservation
  • Culture and Language
  • Culture and Economy
  • Cultural Awareness and Respect
  • Youth and Culture
  • Socialisation of Culture
  • Arts and Culture
  • Food and Unity
Rozila and I auditioned the candidates and we were pleased to see enthusiastic students trying their best to vie for the four seats available. More than 30 students came for the audition. Congratulations to the four students selected :
  2.  IZZATI NORAZMI (4 As Syafie)

Let's hope Sasemians will do us proud :)
For more information, go to

The Thinking Teacher

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