Saturday, 11 February 2012


This is not typical of me but I truly feel exhausted this week...In the past three weeks, I've managed to complete the panel's strategic plan and bound them, done the 1Target compositions mapping out and emailed to teachers in the panel, completed all scheme-of-work, PLAN-J for all the classes I'm teaching, completed the SOMETHING XTRA module for Forms 4-5 and now am marking the last pile of journals on my table. It feels great to have that sense of accomplishment though and to clear the clutter on the table...

A bit on my classes:
1 Qayyim is pretty quiet..sometimes I think they are terrified of me :) or maybe I speak too fast. However, they are able to follow the lessons thus far. We've been focusing a lot on grammar lately. 4 Syafie is a friendly lot and I enjoy teaching them. The same goes to 4 Bukhari. However, the girls are a tad Q.U.I.E.T. Don't ask me why-fear of me too or just plain shy? Time will tell. The fourth formers have just been around for two weeks and they're looking forward to the closing ceremony of their Orientation Week tonight between 9.30-11.00 p.m. Today they're busy with rehearsals for the special night. I have to say that we have been in school till late almost every day that I haven't got round to doing personal stuff-the haircut I badly need, the grocery shopping, bank matters etc...dear God I have tomorrow (Sunday) and I've promised mum that I will visit her on Saturday and stay for the night. But with the orientation ceremony finishing at 11 p.m tonight.. looks like it has to be postponed yet again.

Interestingly, there's this gentle reminder staring at me:

  • Work is never ending. You can never finish work.
  • The interest of the client is not more important than your family.
  • If you fail in life, your boss or client will not be the people to give a helping hand. Your family and close friends do.
  • Life does not mean coming to the office, going home and sleeping, You need to socialise, exercise and relax.
  • A person who sits in the office till late is not a hardworking person. He is a fool who does not know how to manage work within the stipulated time.
  • There's more to life than just work.

 How's that as a reminder to us all that there are more important things in life?

The Thinking Teacher

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