Sunday, 15 April 2012

Automated scoring algorithms?

How do you like your essays to be scored by machines teachers? Will the machines give a reliable score? Can a machine give feedback for the written piece? What about teachers' accountability?

These are but some questions I have in mind.  Man or machine? Read here: Man vrs Machine

The Thinking Teacher


  1. I would like to give a definite no but I fear I am behind in today's technology on education. Sixty years ago the in-thing 'machine', a must for an engineer, was a slide rule, slow and limiited in its usage. One could not dream of a pocket calculator.

    I dare not say that one day a robot cannot be designed to possess language skill to do what it cannot do today.

    As of now my answer is 'forget it'.

    What prompted you to raise this subject. Is this being a new topic for discussion among master teachers?

  2. assallam pakcik, haha, not a topic among master teachers pakcik..just something i stumbled upon. it's a question of reliability isn't it? I've heard of the idea of having a machine assess compositions about 5 years ago. i guess it's now possible...who would've ever thought of that?


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