Monday, 23 July 2012

A lesson on Idioms

Deeply disappointed with 4 Syafie for handing in 14 summaries instead of 29. Even the journals were not the full number it should have been. On top of that it was such a heaty day today and to have the last two periods (1.10-2.30 p.m) was a challenge. Mind you, all English classes for 4 Syafie are last periods. I really have to prepare for the classes because I need to keep them awake every lesson every week. I booked the viewing room which was cooler but I hadn't got my ppt ready so we had the lesson in class instead. At the end of the class, a student stopped me and asked whether he could send his journal next week (offering no apologies) and prior to that one other student said he left his journal in the hostel...sounds familiar? The conversation with the second student went something like this:

(at the corridor after English class...)

SS : Teacher, can I send my journal next week? (smiling)
T  : Why? (in a hurry right after class)
SS : I left it at home. I will be going back this weekend so I   
     can bring it back.
T  : Oh, this morning a Form One student told me the same thing 
     and guess what I said to him? Ask your mum to post it to 
SS : Post it?
T  : You heard me. POST! (left in a a huff)
SS : Post it? (speaking to himself)

Was I so cruel? They promised to submit their journals today after the weekend they spent at home for Ramadhan. To be honest, I struggled to keep the students focussed today. I don't think they meant any disrespect but sometimes I feel they don't respect me enough! Am I losing my students??? I was at the top of my voice all the time. The week before I had a lesson using a song and that too was met with  indifference.  I'm wondering what to do in future lessons...

Let me share the lesson on idioms we had today anyway.

Topic: Idioms
Time:  Double-period
Preparation:  1. Mahjong papers, marker pens, masking tape, idioms on cards (one idiom per group of 
                       3-4). Choose your idioms carefully so they can be presented visually.
                    2. A worksheet on mixed idioms.

Steps:         1. Show some idioms on board and ask for their meaning from SS.
                   2. Get SS into groups of 3-4 depending on the size of your class.
                   3. Give one idiom written on a piece of paper to each group and inform them not to let the
                       other groups know.
                   4. Allow 20 mins for group to draw idioms on mahjong paper. T explains or confirms SS
                       understanding of the meaning of the idiom given if necessary.
                   5. One representative will explain the picture drawn in front of the class and let the others
                       guess what the idiom is. In addition, the meaning of the idiom is also explained by the
                       representative with T's help if  necessary.
                   6. Stick the SS products on the wall in the classroom for a week or so so they can look at the                               idioms again.
                   7. Provide the worksheet to expose them to more idioms in the second period and discuss
                       SS responses.

Each group was given an idiom to draw.

the process..

To let the cat out of the bag.

To make a mountain out of a molehill

Smell something fishy

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush

A red letter day

A picture is worth a thousand words

Blood is thicker than water...cute!
The second half of the a way of reinforcement

But you know me being me......(the sentimental fool that I am) I L.O.V.E them all the same :) That goes for 4 Bukhari and 1 Qayyim too ya.

Do share if you have better ideas.
Happy teaching :)

The Thinking Teacher


  1. It is so hard to treat students hassle nowdays..
    I hope that I was not one of the list..

    1. arvin,
      don't believe everything you read :0


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