Sunday, 23 September 2012

Module for 'Catch Us if You Can'

In the process of writing a module for my students to use next year. They will be the first batch taking SPM and that means a lot to SASEM! I hope I can finish in time so that all fifth formers will be able to use it from January. However, I have been under the weather the whole of last week- low blood pressure (I probably over exerted myself playing badminton with the students in Khalifah Hall...) dizziness (thanks to Azhar for sending me home on Thursday. All I did was sleep sleep and sleep..) and now an itchy throat! With my lappy now trying to work on that module. Pray that I can finish my job :)

The Thinking Teacher


  1. I was one of the participants of the recent 5th English conference.Can i have a copy of a reading and composition text for Form 3. My tuition students comes from Foon Yew Johor.

  2. hi marlyn,
    m not sure what u mean by reading and composition text. did i mention this in my session?


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