Sunday, 30 September 2012

Teaching the Parts of Speech (3)- Using a Song

How about using a song to reinforce the parts of speech? I chose this song as it's once of my favourites plus the fact that I'd like my students to listen to some meaningful songs of old compared to the head-banging tunes of today. Seriously...can you understand some of the songs youngsters listen to nowadays? Well, I grew up with The Carpenters, Stevie Wonder, Earth,Wind and Fire and the likes.  I know my students will disagree. Well, I listen to Dido and Adele too, to quote some of the more modern singers...but for this lesson, start off with:
1. Seasons in the Sun (the worksheet) 
2. Seasons in the Sun (the song)

Let students listen to the song twice and circle and correct the mistakes they listen to. Highlight those mistakes and get them to identify the parts of speech (assuming that you have pre taught them). This would be suitable at the beginning of the lesson as a set induction or at the end for reinforcement. The choice is dependent on you as the teacher.

Happy Teaching :)

The Thinking Teacher


  1. Salam Kak Rahmah ...

    I use songs quite a lot for my lessons. "Because You Loved Me" (Celine Dion) for Simple Past Tense. "I Have A Dream" (from the movie "Tangled") to teach rhyming words. "Do-Re-Mi" (from "The Sound of Music" to teach homophones etc.

    I think "Hero" by Mariah Carey can be used to teach phrasal verbs but I have yet to do it with my students.

    During EURO 2012 season, I taught them "Stand Up For The Champion" + "We Are The Champions" - Mostly for pronunciation. I teach rural students whose interests mostly revolve around football and dikir barat. :-)

    After teaching the poem "Heir Conditioning", I taught the girls from my Form 2 class the song "Price Tag" (I happened to relieve the class the day after that as their KH-ERT teacher wasn't around while the boys went to their workshop).

    I once heard a teacher suggesting that Taylor Swift's "Love Story" could be incorporated into the teaching of the poem "He Had Quiet Eyes". I don't teach Form 4 but I think I can see the relevance.

    1. wassallam liza,
      thanks for sharing. i've used 'because you loved me' too and i will definitely use 'love story' the next time i teach 'he had such quiet eyes'. i hope the others will share what they have used too :)


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