Friday, 14 September 2012

TRO cervical spondylosis?

This is not some mellifluous term...or some cryptic puzzle to crack- this is a medical condition. Last week the MRI and x-ray scan showed that I have TRO cervical spondylosis. Small wonder I've been experiencing the symptoms lately: dizziness and lost of balance when walking (and sometimes driving), headaches, numbness on the fingers and pain in the upper right back and neck. "It comes with age," said Dr Neo, the Consultant Otthopaedic Surgeon in Utama specialist hospital. There is no cure. I just have to learn to ease the pain. After a jab and some medication, I reached home at Mahgrib in time for breaking fast that day. Thanks to Dr Zainudin (Poliklinik Intan) for suspecting it first and advising me to do MRI. Well, am glad that I finally know what the problem is. It's been nagging me for a year. Now at least I can move ahead and find out the best ways to handle the matter. Insya Allah am positive I will be fine :)

A much welcome break...thank you God. I need this time and space to think, think and that's a lot of thinking to do :) 

Selamat Hari Malaysia!


The Thinking Teacher


  1. I am truly very sorry to hear of your health condition. It is so unexpected. It is easy to blame it on 'old age''. On the contrary you are young by my standard.

    We have to believe in the wisdom contained in our ultimate Text Book, Al Quran. We are being reminded of the reality that in life we all are subject to TESTS. Specifically the tests come in two forms, the good things endowed to us and the ills that we are made to suffer. I find it difficult to pass the first form because we gloat over the good things we possess, little realising that He is behind it all, His gift.

    Have patience. When I am faced with this kind of situation I would say it is time to take stock of where I am, and where I go from here, adjusting my hopes and prides where necessary.

    I am optimistic, taking this in the way we have been taught to accept, you will pass the test and all will be well, insya Allah. Nothing is impossible to Him.

  2. assallam pakcik,

    i appreciate your concern. your kind words have lifted my spirits! i totally agree with you and believe fully in the will of God. indeed it's time to take stock of the situation and myself :) i was a little anxious at the beginning but insya Allah, i have faith in God. i am taking it a day at a time. i need to learn to avoid anything that pressures the neck and back. exercise has been good and i will continue with physiotherapy soon. you're right about 'adjusting my hopes and prides'. the best things i hope for are for my children to succeed in their life and for my students to excel. i have been there and done that so to speak. my recent promotion is a blessing from God for which i am eternally grateful. it is just impossible to quantify God's blessings...i am one truly blessed individual. how then can i complain about this little test God has challenged me with? insya Allah all will be well pakcik. prayer helps a a lot. once again thanks for your kind words :)


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