Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Innovation Seminar for Secondary Schools- State Level 2012

Date: 20th October 2012
Venue: Dewan Seminar, JPN Johor

I was privileged to represent Kluang in this seminar with Hamsam from SMK Kahang Timur. Although I didn't win, it was a good experience. Well-done to the deserving winners! The PJK teacher deserves to win as her gadget for teaching sofball is innovative. My only reservation about the judging was the fact that the judges were really into gadgets! The impression given was as if an innovation must be in the form of gadgets not ideas or adaptation of ideas. In addition, there were only two language teachers from the 20 participants and the the majority were Maths teachers. It seemed 'easier' for content subjects to come up with gadgets or maybe I wasn't creative enough :) The judges just loved gadgets although sometimes I felt some of the gadgets were a tad ridiculous as they not only reflected how 'poor' our students were but also teachers' lack of skills to teach the particular topic hence the need for such gadgets. Overall though, the seminar was well-organised.

I must start thinking of a gadget from now on :)

The Thinking Teacher

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