Sunday, 7 October 2012

Lesson Study, Second Cycle: SMK Layang-Layang

Dateline: 2nd October 2012
Venue: SMK Layang-Layang

I was alone this time around. No officer from the PPD with me. When I arrived in SMK Layang-Layang, it was recess time so there was a bit of noise. Had breakfast first with the English teachers in the canteen before seeing the Senior Assistant. Tn Hj Mohd Yusope (PK1) decided to join us in studying a lesson today. The lesson was conducted by Hizrian, the Head of Panel and it was on language we used for expressing ourselves.

I thought the lesson plan was a solid one and am thinking of using it with my students after the end-of-year exam. The lesson objectives were achieved except for objective number three. We had a slight problem with this one because two colleagues decided to join in and helped the students while they were doing the group activity. The colleagues had all the good intentions...unfortunately this wasn't the right protocol as the teacher being observed was Hizrian. This wasn't about co-teaching as the lesson plan reflected. Anyway, overall, the lesson went well. As the emphasis was listening and speaking, I was hoping to see the students speaking more than the teacher though...I thought Hizrian had a way with students and I like his explanations on the purpose of communication after each activity. They reinforced the activities students just carried out although he needs to reduce the explanations sometimes. 

It's amazing how much I've learned in my school visits and interactions with young teachers-something I'd volunteer to do in future. I hope I had been useful in this visit. To the English teachers in SMK Layang-Layang, good job!

research lesson in progress

interesting lesson!

Hizrian..has a lot of potential

critical friends helping out..

 The Thinking Teacher


  1. Replies
    1. Indeed mustakim. Lesson study allows teachers to talk about their core business-teaching :)

  2. thanx for the upload and all the help that day-hizrian

    1. you're welcome hizrian. good job!! i hope smk layang-layang will be out of band 5 next year :)


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