Thursday, 8 November 2012

Thank you 4 Syafie!

A scolding session at 8.30 for some boys from 4 Syafie and Bukhari for misbehaving did not deter 4 Syafie from giving me a surprise :) A surprise indeed! The students were all lined in a circle in the parking lot with a "thank you" cheer. Soon after we took some photos and said our goodbyes for the holiday. Thanks ever so much!! I was S.P.E.E.C.H.L.E.S.S and O.V.E.R.W.H.E.L.M.E.D by the act! I had never expected anything beyond their commitment and interest in English- still smiling when I think of today and slightly embarrassed for scolding the boys this morning :) I love these kids. We had so much fun this year and let's hope for a greater year in 2013. You will be missed 4 Syafie. Happy holidays!

A delightful surprise!

Thank you for all the lovely notes!

The last bear I got was on my 18th birthday! That was ooooooohh so ancient :)

The Thinking Teacher

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