Wednesday, 9 January 2013

English Diagnostic Test for Form 1

Date: 9 Jan 2013 (Monday)
Venue: Khalifah Hall, SM Sains Sembrong, Kluang

115 Form 1 students who registered in SASEM last Monday sat for the Form 1 Diagnostic Test this morning. Fariha, Syamsul, Azhar, Rozila (HOP) and I were there to oversee the administration of the test. We hope to finish marking the test by next Monday so we can assess the student's performance and take follow-up steps. I hope I can meet the deadline because my daughter's wedding is very soon and the renovation is still on!

The Thinking Teacher


  1. I've just finished marking mine. Many students scored in the range of 90-100. About 10% of them scored in the 40 range, which is very bad because most of them could not rearrange jumbled words correctly.

    P.S. Congrats on your daughter's coming wedding.

    1. Do you think the test discriminates the better students from the weaker students? Thanks sintaicharles. If you're anywhere nearby Kluang, consider yourself invited :)


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