Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Vocabulary Activity

Here's a vocabulary activity you can try to add that variety to your lesson. There is no need to use the board for this activity. In fact, the students will enjoy working with their friends on this one. Just print out one handout per group and let them form as many words from the letters given. To make it slightly more challenging, add some 'rules'. For e.g. no two-letter words allowed or you can even make that three if your students are better. In addition, give ten points for words with more than five letters. Tally all the marks and announce the winners. Some chocs for the winning group will be great as motivation. And allow them to use the often do they use it anyway :)

Happy teaching :)

5 Syafie

the end result!

The Thinking Teacher


  1. Salam ma'am,

    Would you mind uploading a soft copy of the activity, as well as its instruction? This game seriously looks captivating! :D

    -Keningau, Sabah

    1. dear abraham,
      the instructions are in this post. you can easily type the letters and the activity is ready to be used :) happy trying!


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