Sunday, 23 June 2013

PPMP Meeting, SMK Tinggi Segamat

Date: 17th June 2013 (Monday)
Venue: SMK Tinggi Segamat

The PPMP meeting today was chaired by Mr Shanmuganathan A/L Suppiah, Principal Assistant Director (English), JPN Johor. Among others he shared the following points with all members:

  • Remedial Instruction for secondary schools from Forms 1-5: teachers teaching the last set (based on the diagnostic test given by BPG) will be given training on how to teach end classes
  • three teachers from Johor were trained by the U.S Embassy and ELTC trainers on the teaching methods
  • 75% of our students pass English but 25% needs remedial programme
  • The use of the mother-tongue to teach English: 85-95% of instruction must be in English (according to American experts). Spanish teachers in the U.S.A use 100% Spanish to teach and students are able to pick up the language within four months
  • 1000 Stars Programme involving UPSR, Remedial Class, PMR and SPM: PPMP will run the programme with the assistance from JU's in the respective district


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